Beauty, simplicity, unusualness

My first encounter with unusualness, design and beauty was my Aunt's handbag. An artificial embroidery on plastic. Normal at that time, but I as a child was fascinated by the combination of materials, patterns and the way of embroidery processing.

Since then, I have been curious with my eyes wide open and prepared to perceive beautiful things that are remarkable and unavailable in stores. I would imagine something in my mind and try to express it through self-made clothes and accessories.

Thanks to inspiration and fantasy, my imagination has grown. I would observe a space and give it new dimensions, colours and structures in my mind, as well as harmony in line with the people who inhabited the space.

In my first store I could bring all my ideas to life through the most popular colours, black and white. The concept of simplicity, consistency and beauty associated with the functionality of the space.

The growing desire to create interiors has led me abroad. My ability to express my ideas in spaces waiting for a change has been shown in my projects. Every project and every new space also stimulates new ideas in me and makes me look for new possibilities.

I like to combine materials such as glass, wood, metal, plexiglass. Simple things, colours, forms. Joining old and new things into new shapes fascinates me. It doesn't have to be all one period, and it shouldn't feel like you just went into one showroom and bought it all. Combining antique jewels with modern elements. Creating an unconventional concept by combining elements that seem uncombinable at the first glance.

The current world designers -
-Windsor Smith
-Jean-Louis Deniot 
-Orlando Diaz-Azcuy
-Paris Forino
-Autoban Turkish design
-Zak Profera
-Patrick Roger

are a source of amazing ideas and inspiration to me.

„Don't design for designers, design for people.“